Open Communication

I am a passionate and goal-oriented person, and I believe that everyone in our community should have a voice. I have no ambition to use this seat as a stepping-stool for higher offices, but will be honored to represent our city. While I may steward only Ward 9, I feel it is important to be open to input from the entire City of Clarksville.  Our community is uniquely interwoven as a result of the growth and experience that people from all over the world bring to our City.  It is imperative we take the time to listen to what the community-at-large has to say.

Committed to Clarksville

I sincerely value the community we have. I come from a generation often plagued by misconceptions that we are apathetic and lethargic. I often heard statements from peers that couldn't "wait to move out of Clarksville." I strongly believe that our city is what we make it.  Every citizen has a responsibility to take ownership of our City, and I want to help encourage more of the younger generation to do exactly that. It is imperative we continue to focus on positive progression like sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and solid infrastructure while maintaining responsible control on the budget and spending.

Progress without Procrastination

It is the responsibility of the City Council to be prepared for the matters at hand. It is important to lead without prejudice, hidden agendas, and do what is in the best interest of the City of Clarksville. This will allow the City to prosper without prolonged stalemates and a more efficient local government.  It is inappropriate and improper to bring up major changes at the last minute when thorough planning and communication can alleviate those roadblocks.


I think we should continue to help promote local business.  The Downtown Market, the local eateries, retail stores and specialty shops, as well as events like Rivers and Spires and Riverfest are what help make Clarksville unique.  We have a lot of things we ought to be proud of and I intend to keep this community focus as one of my priorities.

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