Knox running for Clarksville City Council Ward 9: The Leaf-Chronicle

Office sought: City Council Ward 9

Name: Brandon A. Knox

Age: 29

Occupation: Business Manager at Mid-South Motoplex

Education: Northeast High School; B.S. in Psychology, Austin Peay State University

Political experience: This will be my first time running for office.

Civic involvement: Counselor with Camp Rainbow

Family: Significant Other, Rebecca; Daughter, Lily

Why did you decide to run for this office?

My father served in the United States Army, retiring as a member of 5th Special Forces Group. He would constantly remind me that he joined the Army and chose to make difficult sacrifices so that I would not have to. My father insisted that I raise a family and live my life to the fullest. While I never served in the Army, I realized I still felt the desire to serve my community during my time at Austin Peay. I believe that representing the people who live in this growing city will allow me to fulfill my duty as a citizen. My family deserves to have the same stable and safe community that I was raised in.

What is your top goal if you are elected?

If I am elected, communication with my constituents, peers and fellow council members will be a priority to ensure our citizens have the opportunity to live a happy life. It is my responsibility to prepare my daughter for the world, but it is the community that will shape her into the person she becomes. I want her and every other child that lives, or will live, in the City of Clarksville to have a safe, constructive and meaningful opportunity to thrive.

What are your top platform issues?

I am committed to Clarksville. This is my home, and I want to see it prosper. I want to keep a focus on connecting our community through sidewalks, bicycle lanes and community projects. Making Clarksville a destination for unique activities is a must. Programs like the Blueway and Greenway keep our city active and healthy. We can compound this opportunity by adding hiking and mountain bike trails. We must keep a responsible grasp on progress and development by providing properly planned infrastructure in addition to maintaining a balanced budget to ensure the prosperity of Clarksville.

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